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The JLF PRO laboratory

We have developed the 3 Function Solution (S3F®), a unique and innovative process, offering durable protection against bacteria, moulds and unpleasant odours.
With an effectiveness proven and tested under dermatological control, the S3F® treatment is applied to the surface of most of our insoles in the hygiene range. It protects the material and, combined with the S3F® active deodorant principle, prevents the proliferation of microorganisms on the surface of the insole, thereby preventing any contamination of the feet.
Ideal for people wearing closed safety shoes, this innovation has an immediate refreshing effect, reduces sweating and prevents the development of bacteria and moulds thereby maintaining a healthy environment inside the shoes.

Immediate refreshing effect
Neutralises unpleasant odours
Reduces foot sweating
Prevents the proliferation of bacteria
Prevents the development of moulds responsible for athlete’s foot
Keeps the environment in your shoes healthy
Proven effective: tested under dermatological control

WHY are JLF GROUP S3F® products distinguished from the competition?

Because they use a combination of two treatments: a PASSIVE (materials) treatment –INTEGRATED IN SITU- and also AN ACTIVE S3F® DEODORANT TREATMENT (which contributes to the maintenance of a healthy environment inside the shoes throughout the day).

The JLF Group is therefore the only manufacturer that currently offers a solution that prevents the development of bacteria and odours responsible for athlete’s foot.