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CSRCorporate social responsibility

The JLF Group, a French manufacturer, has always integrated social, environmental and economic concerns into its activities with stakeholders.
For many years, the JLF Group has, in particular, been determined to produce its insoles and accessories in its factory in Villebois-Lavalette, near Angoulême in Charente.

All of these approaches are now made concrete with the CSR “Entrepreneurs + Committed” label.
The premier collective brand for French small and medium companies, it takes the form of a label, awarded after a strict and stringent audit performed by the independent environmental agency ECOCERT.
The “Entrepreneurs + Committed” label attests to the commitment of the entrepreneur and their company to a progressive CSR policy anchored in their good social, environmental and commercial policies while anticipating and taking into account customer needs.

The JLF Group has always attached great importance to the working conditions of its employees and suppliers and conducts a significant safety and health policy with all of its collaborators and its customers.
For many years, the company has acted in favour of local employment and the wealth of its territory by working with local service providers and suppliers. Finally, the JLF Group is taking environmental problems more and more into account in its production, development of new products, disposal of its waste, etc. The JLF Group now has 2 well-known certifications, symbols of quality and commitment: ISO 9001 and Entrepreneurs + Committed.