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The JLF PRO researchers

The fruit of research and exchanges with professional unions, doctors, biomechanical laboratories and orthopaedists, the VIBRACUT® solution has been designed for employees subjected to long-term static postures, shocks due to walking, machine vibrations or repetitive movements.

Currently, it offers protection 4 to 5 times greater than technologies reputed to be the highest performing internationally.

Prevention of fatigue fractures and foot pain
Reduction of joint and back pain
Limit workplace fatigue
Absorb shocks and vibration
Combat MSDs
Combat MSDs

WHY are JLF GROUP Vibracut products distinguished from the competition?

Classified as a class 1 medical device, our Easywork insoles, the result of VIBRACUT® innovation, have CE marking. With one model designed for men and another designed for women, these biomechanical insoles effectively absorb shocks and protect the wearer from vibrations, provide better support and greater stability of the foot and guarantee a more natural gait.