Over 40 years of history

Born of the boundless energy of Mr. Jean-Luc Frenet, the history of JLF Pro® has remained a family adventure. The foundations were laid in 1980, and now his two sons have taken up the torch and pushed the brand into new territory. The family business is now able to equip both small businesses and large CAC40 groups, with which it has worked for many years. Today, with its expertise now recognised, JLF Pro® is determined to pass it on and to be a key player in the prevention of occupational risks. To achieve this, the brand has equipped itself, both in France and internationally, by joining the major regulatory committees in the field.

JLF Pro® is first and foremost the brand of people who are experts in their respective fields and who work together to design and manufacture the best possible equipment for you.


Our first insole for industry

Jean-Luc Frenet, with his wealth of experience in the industry, is launching a range of insoles, specially designed and adapted for safety shoes, which meet the high standards of this sector.


Exclusive S3F® process to address hygiene issues

Sweating, skin fungus, hot and humid environments… There are no comprehensive statistics on these types of foot problems, but one thing is certain: it is important to protect against these types of bacteria in safety shoes to avoid discomfort and pain. JLF Pro® has thus developed the exclusive S3F® solution to prevent development of odours and growth of the bacteria and fungi that cause athlete’s foot.


New industrial site in Villebois-Lavalette in Charente.

In order to satisfy the directors’ desire to limit the carbon footprint and to support employment in France, many products are developed and manufactured in our factory in Villebois-Lavalette, Charente.


Creation of the JLF Pro® brand, for the professional world

The JLF Pro® brand is created so that wearers of safety shoes can recognise the products that best meet their needs. The entire JLF Pro® range has been designed and developed in collaboration with recognised podiatrists and specialists and meets the toughest of standards.


First cushioning sole with Vibracut® technology

To provide better support within the shoe, the JLF Group’s R&D department is developing products adapted to suit the anatomy of the foot, in third-generation materials with excellent cushioning properties. Thanks to additional cushioning, therefore, JLF PRO offers insoles that limit pain and provide comfort in work shoes.


1st insole to prevent MSD*

JLF Pro® creates the first insole designed to limit musculoskeletal disorders. Certified as a Class 1 medical device, this insole prevents both joint pain and back pain. Also, thanks to its ¾ shape, it preserves the residual height at the toe of the safety shoe if a crush occurs.


JLF Pro® insoles become antistatic

In order to protect wearers of safety shoes even in the most hostile environments, JLF PRO soles are being made antistatic. This minimises the build-up of electrostatic charges by dissipating them and thus avoiding the risk of ignition.


New packaging

In order for users to find out quickly which product can best meet their needs, JLF PRO has created explanatory packaging, to make choosing easier during self-service sales.


Certified CSR approach (annual Ecocert audit)

The JLF Group, a French manufacturer, has always included social, environmental and economic concerns in its activities with stakeholders. Indeed, for many years, the JLF Group has been committed to producing its soles and accessories in its factory in Villebois Lavalette, Charente. All of these steps are reflected in the “Entrepreneurs + Engagés” CSR label.


Launch of the first JLF Pro® website

JLF Pro® has set up a new website to make your searches and information requests easier. Just one click gives you access to the advice of our experts, who offer adapted and personalised solutions to each problem encountered.


Launch of the JLF Pro® protective glove range

Thanks to its expertise in the textile industry and in risk prevention, the brand is taking on a new challenge with hand protection. As proof of its commitment to producing high-performance products, JLF Pro® has brought in an industry-recognised expert with more than 15 years’ experience in the field to head up this new range.


40 years of expertise. Thank you!


Even more sustainable products (recycled materials, durability test)

In the spirit of its CSR approach, certified in 2015, JLF Pro® is continuing to innovate and now offers products made almost entirely of recycled materials and tests its products for increased durability over time.


New product and new communication materials

As the SafetyPlus saga is a reference point for its category, JLF Pro has created the Safety Warm, which meets a common user need: to reconcile provision of warmth with provision of comfort. Its advantage is its antistatic properties.

In line with current trends, such as the new ISO recommending the use of antistatic socks with footwear of the same type, JLF Pro® is taking the lead and is now adapting its products.

This innovative approach is accompanied by the development of new communication media with a new website and merchandising solutions for retailers of the brand.

JLF Members

Our team of committed and invested experts

Fabien L.
JLF Pro® Brand Manager

An expert in the prevention of foot-related risks in both workplaces and sports, he is responsible for overall development of the brand. A jack-of-all-trades who uses his instructions and those of the sales team he leads to develop his product innovations in agreement with the marketing team.

Émilie H.
Regulatory Affairs Officer

As a regulatory expert in gloves, footwear, cleaning products and textiles, she ensures that all our products comply with the latest regulations!

Sabine D.
Sales administration (France)

At your side for 20 years to provide you with the best customer service quality, recognised as having a 99.3% service rate.
> A professional and local customer relationship

Alain D.
The glove specialist

As an expert in the prevention of risks related to hands in the workplace, he is responsible for design of gloves right through to production prescription. A solution adapted to your problem is guaranteed! Fun fact: he has sold more than 16,000,000 gloves in his career.

Corinne L.
Production Manager

For more than 32 years, she has been in charge of the workshop in Villebois Lavalette where most of the JLF Pro® insoles are manufactured by a loyal team committed to bringing you quality products with real know-how.

Lydie W.
CSR Officer

Working together with Guillaume, each of them brings their support and a dynamic in the quality and CSR processes, certified since 2002 and 2015 respectively! This means that your products will be more environmentally friendly and of high quality.

Guillaume P.
Quality Manager

Working together with Lydie, each of them brings their support and a dynamic in the quality and CSR processes, certified since 2002 and 2015 respectively! This means that your products will be more environmentally friendly and of high quality.

Christelle C.
Category Manager

Be it marketing, digital, web or packaging expertise, together with Yannis she works to bring you sales support solutions and deliver the brand’s expertise.

99.3% service rate
350 000
+ 350,000 users per year
3 factories

Our factories in France

Located in France for the development of a local economy

We are very proud of our continuous efforts to make the local economy work by prioritising French manufacturing. Today, 80% of our production comes from our factories in Charentes and Seine-et-Marne.

Quality requirements, continuous improvement, social responsibility

Factory audit

  • Our factories based in France have been audited, as have those of our reliable partners selected according to their reliability, competence and various certifications, since 2001 (BSCI, SEDEX, ICS, AQF etc).

Quality control

  • Our products not only meet all applicable standards and regulations, but are also extensively tested by independent laboratories to ensure durability, strength and efficiency.
  • During shipment and delivery, our products are double-checked by independent organisations and by our teams.

Continuous feedback

  • Although JLF Pro® staff are recognised for their expertise, we believe that it is those who use and those who prevent who best know their needs. For this reason, JLF Pro has always maintained a relationship of trust with you to ensure continuous feedback on use of our products and to design equipment that always most closely matches your real needs.

Precise traceability

  • Transparency is a principle on which JLF Pro® never compromises. Providing access to all information is a matter of course for us, which is why we have full traceability (registered batch number) and are trained in quality portals and current product platforms (such as Trace One).

JLF Pro®, a committed player in the field of occupational risk prevention

Active member of the National Prevention Market Actors Syndicate

  • Vice-Presidency of the Synamap Board of Directors. Active participation in commissions and working groups dedicated to advancing CSR issues, safety and comfort of users at work, standards and best practices.
  •  Active participation in commissions and working groups dedicated to advancing CSR issues, safety and comfort of users at work, standards and best practices.



  • Active member of international, regional and national standards committees for safety footwear and work shoes.
  • Active member of the expert committee for Fire Fighter PPE standards


Member of the French Technical Centre for Leather

  • Active collaboration in preventive communication campaigns.
  • Active participation in commissions and working groups

JLF Pro® is also an innovative brand

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