Flat laces in polyester for safety shoes
Made in France
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Resistant to pulling
  • Resistant to breaking

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Detailed description

To replace old, damaged laces, JLF Pro has specially created 120 cm flat laces for safety shoes. Their weft, polyester binding yarn and cellulose acetate end caps make them highly resistant to traction and breakage.
Colour : Black - Brown - Grey - White
  • Length 1,20 m - width 7 mm - thickness 0,8 mm
  • Compliant NF G07 002 and EN ISO 22 774 : resistant to pulling, abrasion and elongation to break


  • Base : 100% polyester
  • Weft and binding thread: 100% polyester
  • End caps: cellulose acetate

Regulatory standards

EN ISO 22 774 Resistance to abrasion with a 1 kg weight 6000 cycles
NF G 07 002 Tensile strength Tensile strength 500 N
NF G 07 002 Elongation to break Elongation to break 18%

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Flat 1,20 m laces

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