This thermoformed insole with heel cup has permanent conductivity properties
Made in France
  • To be used with ESD shoes
  • Anatomical
  • Resistance to abrasion

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Detailed description

In order to provide a solution to the electrical risks that can arise in high-risk work environments (ATEX zones, electronics), JLF Pro has developed the Conductive Plus anatomical insole, whose metallic fibres give it permanent conductivity. It is an excellent complement to conductive or ESD footwear to dissipate electrical charges and protect highly sensitive electronic components.
In order to promote comfort and support, this safety shoe insole is shaped at the plantar arch and heel cup, making it an anatomical insole. It also contains activated carbon, which limits the development of bad odours and is highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Thermoformed insole with foot arch and heel cup
  • Permanent conductivity properties thanks to these metallic fibres: compliant to european norm NF EN ISO 20344 §5.10
  • Impregnated with active carbon


  • Comfort needle punched fabric with 82% polyester, 15% polypropylene, 3% steel fibres
  • Synthetic resin impregnation with activated carbon

Regulatory standards

EN 12746 Water absorption :
Water desorption :
Absorption power :
Desorption % of water after 16 hours :
158 mg/cm²
EN 13520 Resistance to abrasion Cycles to produce a hole
> Dry test
> Wet test
> 51 200
> 51 200
NF EN ISO 20344 §5.10 Conductive behaviour* > Electrical resistance after conditioning in dry atmosphere
> Electrical resistance after conditioning in wet atmosphere
0.076 megohms
0.054 megohms
*The electrical resistance value of the whole shoe must be inferior to 0.1 megohms under wet or dry tests conditions.

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