The disposable tube sock in loop provide a good comfort, while being a good complement to other disposable clothes
  • Antistatic Compatible
  • In loop to absorb shocks
  • Cotton and polyester for a better comfort

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Detailed description

Do you work as a professional in the health sector or the nuclear sector, or do you just need short socks? The JLF Pro disposable tube sock is a perfect complement to other disposable garments. It is also a low-cost solution for foot hygiene (visitors and health professionals), providing a better level of comfort.
Made from regenerated cotton and polyester yarns from recycled plastic bottles, it effectively absorbs foot perspiration and moisture.
It is knitted in curls to provide perfect shock absorption during walking.
The soft material fits all sizes, making it easy to find the right size.
  • Compatible with antistatic shoes
  • Disposable socks in loop providing a good comfort
  • With cotton and polyester to absorb sweat and fit all sizes
  • Made of regenerated cotton and polyester made of plastic recycled bottles
  • Sold by 5 600 pairs

Regulatory standards

ISO 20344:2011§5.10 Electrical resistance antistatic behaviour After conditioning in dry atmosphere
> left foot
> rigth foot
After conditioning in wet atmosphere
> left foot
> right foot
This sock does not alter the antistatic properties of the shoe.

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