13 gauge knitted glove made of cut resistant fibers. Food conctact agreement
  • Combined good dexterity and high level of protection for cuts
  • Food contact agreement
  • Comfortable to wear

Detailed description

To provide protection from the cuts to the hands, so common in the food industry, JLF Pro’s Manocut glove has been specially designed for use in cutting food products while protecting against the risk of cuts.
This cut-resistant glove for light handling is knitted in gauge 13 with fibres that provide cut resistant protection (Level F) while also providing excellent dexterity. It is approved for food contact and is therefore suitable for cutting, preparing and processing meat, fish and fruit and vegetables.
This ambidextrous cut protection glove is designed without fibreglass and is machine-washable. The glove is also pre-washed for immediate use.
The elasticated knitted wrist provides better support and positioning while remaining very comfortable to wear. Its ultra-light weight (30g for a size 9 glove) makes it an ideal companion for handling light products.
  • 13 gauge knitted glove made of cut resistant fiber. F level of performance, 41.5 Newtons to the cut resistance norm EN ISO 13997.
  • Food contact agreement : suitable for cutting, processing of meat, poultry, fish, and processing of fruits and vegetables.
  • Glass fiber free
  • Pre washed and washable
  • Ambidetrous glove
  • Knitwrist for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight (30 g for a size 9)


  • Highly cut-resistant and non-irritating yarn in the hand and wrist
  • Binding color per size

Regulatory standards

EN ISO 21420:2020 General requirements Dexterity : 5 /5
EN 388:2016 + A1:2018 Mechanical Risks Abrasion resistance:
Blade cut resistance:
Tear strength resistance:
Puncture resistance:
Cut resistance method EN ISO 13997:
3 /4
X /5
4 /4
X /4
F /A-F

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