Knee-length socks in wool that provide warmth and comfort
  • Special winter high socks
  • Wool and acrylic loop knitted
  • Heel and toes reinforcements

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Detailed description

To provide protection against cold in professional environments or outdoors, the JLF Pro high-heat sock keeps out the risks and discomfort of the cold. This sock offers the warmth of wool curls, the softness of acrylic, the strength of polyester/polyamide and the elasticity of elastane.
The heel and toe reinforcements improve the durability of these cold insulating socks with better abrasion resistance, while maintaining their comfort and provision of warmth.
This professional work sock is also available as a half-sock (ref. 0367). It is particularly recommended for protecting against cold from +5° to -5°.
  • It combines the warmth of wool, the softness of acrylic, the strength and elasticity of polyamide and elastane
  • Heel and toes reinforcements
  • Color code at the front of the sock to indicate the size of the sock

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Duration of product use
2 abrasion
Number of products consumed per year

Cost per user
and per month

3,20 €
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2,81 € per user per month
5,87 € per user per month
The experience of the pro

Jonathan Lamy, Himalayiste français qui a réussi l’ascension de l’Everest et du Lhotse, a utilisé la gamme froid de JLF Pro pour son aventure.

Jonathan Lamy, Himalayas expert, tested our products in extreme conditions.

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