Prevents the development of odours and the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for fungal infections*.
  • Exclusive S3F* treatment : anti-odour
  • Extra thin and micro perforated

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Detailed description

Closed shoes can cause a wide variety of foot problems, including growth of bacteria and fungus, and sweaty feet.
JLF Pro's La Vague shoe insole provides an answer to these problems, often suffered by wearers of protective shoes.
This insole has an exclusive and innovative S3F treatment that effectively prevents the development of fungus, bacteria and bad odours and helps maintain optimal foot hygiene.
For more efficiency, its extra fine latex foam with micro-perforations allows significant ventilation of the foot. Its anti-slip effect ensures that your foot is well supported inside your shoe.
  • Exclusive S3F* treatment
  • Extra thin and micro perforated
  • Reinforced foot ventilation
  • Anti-slip


  • Comfort needle punched fabric in polyester with biocide treatment*
  • Under-layer : no-slip activated carbon latex foam
  • *Contain biocide : Octhilinone (ISO)

Regulatory standards

NF EN 12746 Water absorption :
Water desorption :
Absorption power :
Desorption % of water after 16 hours :
159 mg/cm²
NF EN 13520 Resistance to abrasion Cycles to produce a hole
> dry test:
> wet test:
> 51 200
> 38 400

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