An over-sock to wear inside your boots to guarantee you optimum comfort and warmth
  • Comfort in boots
  • Protection from the cold
  • Resistant to abrasion

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Detailed description

For extra protection against the cold in winter or in environments exposed to cold, JLF Pro now offers the Val Fourrure overshoe to provide extra protection against cold inside boots. Its fur-like polyester fibre interior provides comfort and softness within the boots as well as effective protection against the cold. Your feet will stay warm even in the coldest weather. Even after many washes, the thermal sock does not lose its insulation against cold within the boots. It has an excellent friction resistance, giving it a longer life. It is especially suitable and effective in unlined boots.
  • Fur-style in 100% polyester fiber extensible jersey
  • Withstands many washes


  • 100% polyester fibre fur on stretch jersey
  • Stabilisation elastic on the top section

Regulatory standards

EN 12746 Water absorption
Water desorption
Absorption power :
Desorption % of water after 16 hours :
213 mg/cm²
EN G62 005 Friction Strength Wet test Begins pilling after 100 cycles
The experience of the pro

Jonathan Lamy, Himalayiste français qui a réussi l’ascension de l’Everest et du Lhotse, a utilisé la gamme froid de JLF Pro pour son aventure.

Jonathan Lamy, Himalayas expert, tested our products in extreme conditions.

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