Heel-pieces specially designed to reduce the pain of calcaneal spurs.
Made in France
  • Reduces heel pain
  • Relieves calcaneal spurs
  • Adhesive for better grip

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Detailed description

Our JLF Pro heel cup reduces pain under the heels caused by heel spurs that can occur when walking or standing for long periods.
The heel cup has been specially designed to distribute pressure points across the heel, thus relieving the pressure on the heel and preventing pain from occurring.
The heel cup is made of a layer of cowhide leather that helps absorb perspiration and also has an ergonomic support of soft latex foam that helps relieve the feet and produce feelings of comfortable.
The presence of an adhesive backing improves the fit of the heel cup and ensures that the foot is properly positioned inside the shoe.
  • The specially designed heel distributes the pressure points
  • Calf leather absorbs any sweat
  • Ergonomic support in supple latex foam
  • The adhesive pad holds the heel in the correct position in your shoe


  • Smooth, non-grainy split cowhide leather
  • Synthetic latex foam insert
  • Adhesive sticker
The experience of the pro

Bilal, a recipe producer in a polishing factory, tested JLF Pro products for his daily use.

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