Working while upright, be it static or brisk walking, puts a lot of strain on the feet, back and joints, and this can lead to MSDs. Find out how JLF Pro® products adapt and provide a solution to these working environments through data and the testimony of Bilal, who tested a JLF Pro® product.

Source : EVREST 2021
21.5% of blue-collar workers and 20% of white-collar workers have to stand for long periods of time, causing difficulty or discomfort.
30.5% of workers are required to carry heavy, difficult or arduous loads.
Source : AMELI
20%, c'est le pourcentage de mal de dos parmi les accidents de travail
Source : AMELI
87% of professional diseases are MSDs

Our range of VibraCut® technologies...

For the different products of the VibraCut® range, we use a range of materials and technologies as required.

Each product in the VibraCut range is carefully designed with the right material(s) to meet its specific need.

...allows us to design products that absorb shock and vibration, improve comfort and prevent disease.

An example of a work station that involves walking and treading and thus requires a special need.
Treading and carrying heavy loads can cause various specific disorders. These disorders must be prevented by using a sole adapted to the working environment. Whether it's a heel insert, a forefoot insert or a visco-elastic foam support, the multiple combinations of technologies and materials allow us to address every situation. Each product in the VibraCut range is unique and suitable for every situation.
Une personne à un poste de travail statique
Another example of a very static workstation.
Une personne sur un poste de travail statique
A perfect example of tramping on a static workstation, with transfer of weight from one leg to the other and forward leaning.

Bilal tested our JLF Pro® insole in real conditions.

My job is to prepare mixtures of ingredients on the basis of precise recipes that will be used as raw material for the final production line. In my case, this involves creating shoe polish pastes and other shoe care products. My daily tasks can therefore be summarised as follows: collecting raw materials from the stock, weighing them, mixing them, checking and adjusting them, and pouring them into the tanks… In view of these tasks, it is easy to deduce that I spend the day walking briskly, whether it’s a short or long journey, my legs end up feeling heavy at the end of the day; and even when I don’t move, I stay on my feet and I soon find myself with pain under my feet, or even in my knees, or my back. In short, it’s true that because of the nature of my work, it’s difficult to do otherwise and avoid these everyday problems.

I recently had the opportunity to test the JLF Pro® insoles, specially designed for workplaces like mine, and was pleasantly surprised.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the fatigue has completely disappeared, but the change is quite evident and can be felt. Less fatigue, less pain, it has nothing to do with it. Yes, I totally recommend them.

Exterieur Groupe JLF Villebois plante RSE Picto RSE Exterieur Groupe JLF Villebois

JLF Pro, a brand of the JLF Group, integrates environmental, social and economic concerns into its activities: sustainable materials, arduousness, fairness in the workplace and many other actions made concrete by labels.

Les gants de protection contre le froid JLF Pro sont des EPI certifiés. Vous pouvez retrouver toutes les déclarations de conformité dans notre documentation.

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