Ergonomic and anti-fatigue insole, limits back and joints pains, and prevents MSDs*
  • Prevents MSDs*
  • Anatomical insole
  • Shock absorption

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Detailed description

The JLF Pro Custom Perform anatomical insole is specially designed to limit shock, in order to support posture and thus limit back pain linked to repetitive movements common in the workplace. The insole supports the arch of the foot and provides reinforcement at the support points, in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and provide better ergonomics at the workstation. Treated to prevent development of odours and growth of bacteria, it guarantees good foot hygiene. Its memory foam base, optimises the shock absorption process. In addition, it has antistatic properties that reduce the build-up of static charges, which are particularly common in workplaces subject to electricity or the risk of explosions. We recommend this insole as an accompaniment to antistatic clothing and shoes. Finally, this ergonomic anti-fatigue insole is a class 1 medical device that adapts to the desired size and shape: full or 3/4.
  • Arch support and support point reinforcements
  • Memory foam material, ultra-shock absorbing and light
  • Treated to prevent the development of odours and the growth of bacteria*
  • This insole can be transformed into a ¾ version if necessary
  • Antistatic


  • Printed jersey polyester textile in contact with the foot.
  • 1st layer of orange latex foam with shape memory, density 0.20 +/- 10%, with biocide treatment*
  • 2nd damping layer made of black latex foam with activated carbon, density 0.30 +/- 10%.
  • Adhesive pad for the under of the heel if used in ¾ (delivered separately).
  • *Contains biocides : zinc pyrithione

Regulatory standards

EN 12746 Water absorption :
Water desorption :
Absorption power :
Desorption % of water after 16 hours :
70 mg/cm²
EN 13520 Resistance to abrasion Cycles to produce a hole
> Dry test
> Wet test
> 25 600
> 12 800
NF EN 20344 §5.1 Antistatic behavior > Electrical resistance after conditioning in dry atmosphere
> Electrical resistance after conditioning in wet atmosphere
> Compliant
> Compliant

Cost simulation

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The frequency of renewal of a product depends on its durability and quality and conditions its real cost. By taking these parameters into account, we have simulated the real cost per user and per month on the basis of an indicative selling price*. This simulation also allows you to compare products of the same range in an objective way with a common calculation basis.

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*Indicative price, actual price lower at our dealers. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Duration of product use
9-10 mois
Number of products consumed per year

Cost per user
and per month

1,36 €
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Compare with other products in the range
1,18 € per user per month
1,52 € per user per month
The experience of the pro

Bilal, a recipe producer in a polishing factory, tested JLF Pro products for his daily use.

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