Handling and assembly work requires special PPE to protect users. Find out more about this issue through data and the testimony of Eric who uses JLF Pro® gloves.

466 000
466,000 accidents at work per year involve the hands
Source : www.officiel-prevention.com
27% of accidents at work are caused by lack of protection or poor choice of hand protection
42,7% of workers are exposed to vibrations

Reinforced and selected materials...

  • Cowhide grain.
The most beautiful leathers created combine suppleness, softness, resistance and long life with this part of the skin located on the upper side of the epidermis, i.e. on the hair side. We can use these leathers to make gloves that protect against abrasion while maintaining dexterity for all assembly work.
  • Cattle skin.
We use this part of the skin, obtained by splitting the thick leather into two sheets, to create our most resistant gloves. This leather, although often rough, can have the appearance of smooth leather when coated (but is not actually smooth).

...to create the best-performing PPE for your business...

Someone loading a factory machine
Crink gloves are durable but also have good dexterity, making it easy to handle objects.
Whether it is heavy or light handling or precision assembly, we have designed PPE that includes the most suitable materials for your use.
Man using Crink JLF Pro gloves in a factory
JLF Pro® Crink gloves provide excellent grip for handling heavy objects without fear.
Man in storage facility
The entire JLF Pro® range offers a range of gloves that meet all handling and assembly needs.

Eric, a multi-skilled warehouseman and forklift operator, uses JLF Pro® gloves from the handling and assembly range.

In my job, as well as driving pallet trucks and trolleys, I regularly have to handle and transport all sorts of objects and materials that are potentially dangerous to my hands. Their rough surfaces can also have sharp edges, as on wood, cardboard or scrap metal. I really have to be careful because my hands can get damaged very quickly through rubbing, cuts, snags or splinters. To say nothing of heavy loads that damage the skin when carried.

I might as well tell you that finding gloves that can protect me from all these risks, making the handling easy while being pleasant to wear, is a complicated business. Most of the ones I used were either too thin to provide me proper protection, or too thick to let me handle anything precisely. I’m not talking about the other unpleasant sensations when wearing it (the “stifling” feeling in the hand, dampness etc).

As of today I’ve been wearing the JLF Pro gloves from the handling range for about 3-4 years and frankly I like them a lot. There’s a choice for different situations, different needs, they are really practical in everyday life.

My favourites? They’re the Tyrer gloves. The blue and white. The leather is just fantastic to wear. It’s soft, so it lets me move my fingers easily while protecting me well, unlike other gloves that often have very thick and hard leather. I really appreciate this feeling: I feel my hands are quite free in these gloves, they “breathe”, there is air. I find that I can do so much with these gloves, my fingers are agile, I can grab and carry all kinds of things easily. I know they’re meant for handling but I can’t help using them for other purposes. I’ll tell you what, I think they’re so good that I managed to get a pair for at home too!

Exterieur Groupe JLF Villebois plante RSE Picto RSE Exterieur Groupe JLF Villebois

JLF Pro, a brand of the JLF Group, integrates environmental, social and economic concerns into its activities: sustainable materials, arduousness, fairness in the workplace and many other actions made concrete by labels.

Employé stockage JLF

JLF Pro® handling and assembly gloves are certified PPE. You can find all the declarations of compliance in our documentation.

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